Mark Hughes

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and business builder. His accomplishments over the years include the invention of the remote car starter and one of the the founders of a national online directory serving over 100,000 customers and 14 million business listings. He has been the president of a nutritional marketing company and owner of a Digital Agency. Mark developed a comprehensive local marking platform called LocalMojo along with deep insight and strategies to dominate local search results with over 24,000 websites. In the 90’s He was personally responsible for over $48 million in sales at Excel Communications and was a Senior Vice President of marketing for a division of Sony’s WebTV when the division was sold to Microsoft for $460 million spawning the MSN Search Network, (Now called Bing).

Mark will be leading the sales and marketing efforts of Local Mojo as well as educating customers via webinars and seminars on how to keep they’re winning positions and continue to attract new customers.

Richard Proodian

Mr. Proodian, a CPA, and Entrepreneur, who’s thirty-five plus years of executive level management experience includes being an officer, director and committee member for such committees as audit and compensation and the development and implementation of corporate planning and strategy for several publicly traded companies. He is formerly the Managing Director of EquiFin, LLC, where he performs business planning and IPO development, as well as business, tax, and financial planning.  As  former CFO, COO  and Director of BioRestorative Therapies, Inc

Mr. Proodian had responsibility for all public and private funding programs, both debt and equity; NASDAQ preparation and filings; SEC registration and filings; the preparation and placement and placement of 504 and 506 offerings; developed and instituted budgets and forecasts; managed and directed all corporate audits; negotiated eight-figure lines of credit; and acted as the liaison between investor, banking, legal Regulatory agencies, and other professional communities.  He is a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Business Management and Finance and the Harvard Business School Executive Management Business Program.

Steve Wilson

Having visited 42 countries in my life, I have seen business from many perspectives. From presenting to the Secretary General of The United Nations to meeting with financial analysts in Europe, my career has been about building teams, nurturing talent and making a positive impact for my customers. Leading with a perspective of Customer Focused Quality and Operational Excellence, I have led organizations from $5M to $400M in size. In the end it is all about serving external customers and internal customers, and making a positive difference in the lives of those you touch each day.

As I often say, “Leadership Comes in Many Forms”, sometimes by what say or do, sometimes by what you don’t say or do. It’s all about timing, delivery and knowing what is the right combination for the individual, for the customer or both. The small businesses of today are generally poorly served when it comes to digital marketing, managing their digital footprint and establishing or maintaining their reputation. I am proud to lead an organization that wakes up everyday seeking to make the marketplace better for small businesses by giving them digital presence, character and more customers knocking at their door.

Joshua Hughes

Josh got involved in web design at an early age, he taught himself html basics back in 1995. In the age where AOL ruled the internet Josh had the idea and opportunity to purchase several domain names which would be worth millions years later. His father (Mark Hughes) stated that if those “domain things” were worth anything those companies would of already owned them. Both have come a long ways since then! While in college Josh started his own boutique design agency which is still in operation today. In 2006 he graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a B.S. in Interactive Media Design with Cum Laude and Best Portfolio Honors. Josh helped create AgencyWeb in 2008, a web marketing company in Pompano that employed several people. Over the years he has helped different businesses, from small one man operations to larger agencies. Josh is able to blend the needs and requirements of business with clean and simple designs.

Gregg Adair

From the time he was 13 years old Gregg was selling and as a young entrepreneur, had his first major success: Starting as a laborer, and working his way up, and learning the trade. At 26 Gregg started an Industrial Contracting firm in Houston TX, which went on to generate millions in annual revenue. As President of that company, parlayed that into “retirement at 32 years old” sale. Not satisfied with retirement, Gregg began a 30 year networking career in 1985 and went on to become consistently in the top 10 producer in a company of 2 million distributors. This is where I met Mark 20 years ago. “Certified Network Marketer” for 30 years. Gregg has been a Multi- Million Dollar Club member. Built sales teams of up to 45,000 people. Coached 30 top producers and many more having various degrees of success.

In addition, at the advent of the internet, in 1999. Gregg created eMomentum Inc. One of the first lead generation companies on the web. Produced online sales and tracking systems in the early development of the industry.Tremendously versed in sales and utilizing the internet to produce great results. Past President of 2 companies, Top earner, life coach, sales trainer, public speaker and Merchant Marine Capt. Gregg and  his wife Sherry have five children, and live in St Augustine FL on a beautiful waterfront home on the St Johns River.